Originally posted on CBS Dallas / Fort Worth:

I believe I have an answer to the enigmatic question plaguing me of late, “What is the meaning of life?”

Before I share my answer, I must share some of the beautiful, brilliant reflections you posted on Facebook:

“The goal is to love as many people as possible before you die. No matter what.”

“Love God, love people.”

“Life is the greatest gift there is.. because with it comes love, laughter, friends, family, challenges, peaks, valleys, mistakes, forgiveness and everything in between. Life should never be taken for granted and should always be lived to the fullest!!”

“I think the meaning is the actual search for the meaning.”

“Live each day with your eyes WIDE OPEN and take in every inch & second, knowing that anything that happens, at any moment, could change your life, so you’d better be present…don’t waste time doing anything that doesn’t fill you up inside…experience…

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